2022 Source to Pay Pioneering Digital Procurement Solutions

2022 ProcureTech100 - The Source to Pay pioneers

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The ProcureTech100 is the definitive 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions. 

Suites. P2P. Sourcing. Maturity. 

Here, we reveal a little bit about the pioneers in the Source to Pay category. 

“The pace of digital innovation and ability for digital procurement solutions to scale over the last year has been impressive. Exceptional CEOs and Founding teams are inspiring a generational change to the digital procurement ecosystem solving global challenges.” 
Lance Younger, Founder & CEO, ProcureTech 

The 2022 ProcureTech100 were selected from over 4,000+ digital solutions from across the planet, using enriched data and analysis, combined with the collective experience of more than 60 procurement leaders, technology experts and B2B investors. Pioneers have been identified across 14 different categories. 

The Source to Pay category is defined by solutions that provide source to contract and purchase to pay solutions, and frequently additional modules including analytics and supplier management.  

There is slow overall growth and introduction of innovation. Finance / Pay solutions are pushing into the S2P space with B2B payments, and ERP solutions offering S2P capabilities too.  

Integration is the entry ticket as part of the ecosystem evolution, with mature players creating marketplaces, incubators and investment vehicles to create scale within their own ecosystems. Expect acquisitions to gather pace. 

Newer workflow solutions are integrating procurement capabilities quicker, slicker and with a better user interface. 

The 2022 ProcureTech100 Source to Pay pioneering digital procurement solutions are: 
Founded: 2019       HQ: India

Aerchain is the next-generation autonomous sourcing platform that helps enterprises simplify, optimize, and automate their sourcing operations. We are building the world’s most intuitive & intelligent sourcing platform where technology is not just an enabler, but a decision-maker.

Founded: 2019       HQ: Germany

Cosuno ensures efficient and transparent collaboration between all parties involved in the construction industry from planning to payment. Customers benefit from involving subcontractors in planning at an early stage, finding the right prices on a data-driven basis, and being able to pay more quickly via the software. The benefits and savings for both sides are immense: by using Cosuno’s cloud solution instead of email, phone, and Excel spreadsheets, the time saved amounts to about 60% and the profit margin is 18% higher on average. The customers use the largest European subcontractor network for this purpose and benefit from the specially developed AI, which ensures significantly better capacity utilization.

Founded: 2006       HQ: USA

Coupa Software (NASDAQ:COUP) is the cloud platform for business spend management (BSM). Coupa empowers companies around the world with the visibility and control they need to spend smarter and safer.

Founded: 2014       HQ: USA

We are a team of professionals with a huge prior experience in procurement, technology, and customer service, working on both sides of the globe (North America & Europe) to create best in class solutions for fast-growing businesses. We are breaking the stereotype that the purchasing software is expensive, hard to implement, and unfriendly with users – as most ERPs. We’re boosting Precoro to become the world’s most easy-to-use, affordable, and functional product for small and mid-sized businesses.

Founded: 2016       HQ: Mexico

Yaydoo builds and distributes financial automation technologies that help businesses streamline B2B payments using software focused on procurement, spend management, accounts payable and accounts receivable processes, as well as connect an entire ecosystem of financial solutions. Yaydoo’s mission is to create a world where small and midsize businesses, as well as enterprises, have access to technological and financial automation tools that allows them to achieve prosperity, a positive impact in their commercial ecosystem and develop the well-being of the people who interact with them.

Founded: 2019       HQ: USA

Zumen is a Cloud-based Source-to-Pay software for product manufacturing companies. Zumen enables product manufacturing companies to digitalize their direct sourcing and procurement and manage every detail of the process in a transparent, collaborative platform. With Zumen’s part life cycle management, BOM interface, integration framework, customizable workflows, purchase order collaboration with suppliers, supplier base visibility, and product cost management, companies can build an agile, resilient supply chain and get their products to market faster.

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