2022 Strategy, Process & Performance Pioneering Digital Procurement Solutions

2022 ProcureTech100 - The Strategy, Process & Performance pioneers

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The ProcureTech100 is the definitive 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions. 

Automation. Process Analysis. RPA. Chatbots. 

Here, we reveal a little bit about the pioneers in the Strategy, Process & Performance category. 

“The pace of digital innovation and ability for digital procurement solutions to scale over the last year has been impressive. Exceptional CEOs and Founding teams are inspiring a generational change to the digital procurement ecosystem solving global challenges.” 
Lance Younger, Founder & CEO, ProcureTech 

The 2022 ProcureTech100 were selected from over 4,000+ digital solutions from across the planet, using enriched data and analysis, combined with the collective experience of more than 60 procurement leaders, technology experts and B2B investors. Pioneers have been identified across 14 different categories. 

The Strategy, Process and Performance category covers solutions that are improving procurement processes and operational and performance management.  

Procurement teams are increasingly using intelligent automation and deep process analysis solutions to better facilitate the management of tasks in the name of efficiency and improvement.  

Deployment of RPA is standard practice and embedded blockchain solutions are increasing in use.  

There is also an uptrend in collaborative networks as well as the use of chatbots and interfaces to improve response accuracy and time.  

Overall performance and resource management solutions are being deployed especially in larger organisations. 

The 2022 ProcureTech100 Strategy, Process & Performance pioneering digital procurement solutions are: 
Founded: 2017      HQ: USA

Aera Technology is the Decision Intelligence Company that makes business agility happen. Our innovative cloud platform integrates with your existing systems to digitize, augment, and automate decision making in real time. In the era of digital acceleration, Aera helps enterprises around the world transform how they respond to the ever-changing environment.

Founded: 2017       HQ: USA

Arkestro is a Predictive Procurement Orchestration Platform that amplifies the impact of procurement’s influence. How? By pre-embedding preferred outcomes in any system or process. Arkestro enables companies to touch 100% of the spend in a better, more programmatic way: with behavioral science, game theory and predictive machine learning models.

Founded: 2009       HQ: Austria

Cirtuo’s mission is to empower your strategic breakthrough in procurement and make it easy, interactive, and highly effective. Trusted by industry leaders in telecom, manufacturing, brewing, pharmaceuticals, and others, Cirtuo is transforming the procurement function into a strategic champion that captures opportunities and faces risks head on. A strategic champion that is conscious of all the opportunity at its fingertips and risks that need to be managed. An integrated strategic software, Cirtuo helps you translate strategies into tangible initiatives that deliver accelerated savings, reduce risks and create value. Not only does it streamline collaboration across the procurement and stakeholders, it reduces errors, delivers measurable improvement, is backed up by reliable benchmarks, and enhanced with the AI platform Guided Strategy Creation™.

The Guided Strategy Creation ™ process is suited for all procurement professionals, from beginners to experts. With Cirtuo’s AI-enabled Guided Strategy Creation™ software, it is now even easier to develop, validate and implement Category & Supplier strategies. As top skills and a proper tool are required to develop a strategy, most procurement organizations fail to identify the right category strategy and mobilize their stakeholders. The final output using Cirtuo is a recommended category strategy written as a short agenda ensuring successful implementation every time. Cirtuo is already used within several Fortune 500 companies and by procurement managers in 40+ countries.

Founded: 2013       HQ: USA

Kore.ai strives to achieve this with its unsurpassed innovation in Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to deliver the next generation of human-to-machine interactions, in the form of virtual assistants, for the greater good of our customers and their employees.

Founded: 2020       HQ: USA

Zip is the world’s leading intake-to-procure solution. Providing a single platform for any employee to initiate a purchase or vendor request, Zip helps businesses gain clear and timely visibility across all purchases, while dramatically improving the employee experience. The platform’s no-code configuration and intelligent workflows integrated across disparate systems enable businesses to automatically route requests for faster approval across finance, legal, procurement, IT, security and other teams. Leading enterprises and high-growth startups like Databricks, Canva, Airtable, Webflow and over 150 others use Zip to streamline their procurement processes while delighting their business users.

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