75% of execs believe in the importance of digital CX

75% of execs understand the importance of digital CX

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Companies are beginning to prioritise digital transformation and invest in the right technologies, but what about digital CX? 

Customer Experience (CX) encompasses everything companies need to maintain a strong relationship with their customers, right from the initial introductions to their product.  

However, when investing in new tech, it can be easy to lose sight of what to prioritise, and forget the importance of considering tools that are easy to use and function smoothly. 

Raconteur’s take on ‘What’s next for digital CX? postulates that capabilities need to be improved to meet customer expectations, meaning digital CX must form a key component of business transformation. 

Why prioritise CX? 

The top three responses from its research show that prioritising digital CX helps to grow companies’ revenues and/or customer bases; improve customer success; and strengthen brand value. From there, reduced costs follow. 

75% of respondents believe in the importance of good digital CX (40% state that this is extremely important; 35% somewhat important), but with growing economic uncertainty, customers have less cash to spend, and thus, are wary of when and where to spend it. 

Think about instances when you use interfaces – ease of use matters, right? Long load times, poor navigation and a lack of interactivity are all hurdles for your customer, which reduce the likelihood that they will secure a relationship with you. Users want great first impressions and usability, which is precisely why companies need to achieve great digital CX. 

Top digital investment priorities 

There were varied responses from senior executives concerning their perception of their current digital CX needs. For instance, while 42% admitted to their current digital CX lagging on their customers’ needs, 32% believe theirs is exceptional and delights customers. 

Technological change is ongoing. So, it’s important to remember that digital CX will need constant reviews, to ensure you stay ahead of competitors and remain the first choice for your customers. 

So what for procurement?

Transferring best practices from customer experience into supplier experience becomes an imperative. Procurement should consider the following priorities:

  • Organisational culture and/or structure
  • Supplier journey analysis and optimisation
  • Analytics, insights and dashboarding
  • Digital asset management
  • Digital experience platforms
  • AI/machine learning capabilities
  • Skills & training
  • Targeting and/or personalisation
  • Mobile apps or mobile touch points
  • Investment in the internal digital environment
  • Social listening and engagement
  • Supplier service or call centre

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