Addressing the need for change – securing the best procurement talent

Addressing the need for change - securing the best procurement talent

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‘Maximise your talent to elevate procurement’. 

In the last of our breakout sessions from the latest Procuretech Founders’ Circle, we found out what changes corporates and solutions providers are making, in order to find the right talent. 

“It’s a chicken and egg situation. You need decent processes to attract people who are analytical, but organisations don’t have this! There’s evidence that working on person specifications is giving the right results. But, there’s still a lot of catching up to do for organisations,” Jonny Dunning, Founder & CEO, Zivio 

Based on conversations between corporates, B2B investors and innovative digital solutions, what changes are industry leaders implementing over the next 18-24 months? 

  • Retaining, energising and upskilling current employees, to continue building a better organisation 
  • Democratising/knowledge management – sharing information so that employees can continue improving their skills 
  • Segmenting training – dividing sessions to make content more interesting and easier to remember 
  • Providing ‘teach-ins’ and training 
  • Simplifying processes 
What can be done to help? 
  • Explaining the context, culture and setup – consider how this can be integrated into current organisational processes 
  • Conduct community-based problem solving – a great way to encourage team building and collaboration when using new software 
  • Thinking together long-term (training and adoption) – how does this fit into existing commercial models? Will your team still be using it in a year’s time? 

Read more about the breakout sessions covering surviving and thriving, and leaders’ thoughts on adapting processes to improve ESG initiatives. 

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