Europe, Unicorns, Global Tech Diffusion: End of the American Internet

Europe, Unicorns and Global Tech Diffusion: End of the American Internet

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The procurement technology, data and analytics market is moving through a radical shift which emulates global technology patterns… is this the end of the American Internet?

Regional markets are evolving to create a more opportunities.

John Thornhill at Sifted summarises:

  1. It’s not all about Silicon Valley
  2. There are a lot of smart entrepreneurs in Europe
  3. The VC industry has grown up in Europe
  4. Regulation may be a source of competitive advantage for Europe
  5. It’s all to play for

Benedict Evans and Oliver Lambert at Mosiac Ventures believe that the creation of the European Flywheel is a distinct advantage in a number of ways including:

    • Startup-led capital in depth
    • Dense support networks
    • Sophisticated customers
    • Successes, seed angels, founders and new funds
    • Spread of the SV funding/ownership/risk startup model
    • Tax and visa rules don’t block startups
    • Universities and R&D lads spin-out talent
    • Peer group sets market aspirations

Combined with continued growth in America, and a similar Asia Pacific flywheel, the overall digital procurement marketplace will continue to expand. Indeed, city and country hot spots of procurement technology are beginning to evolve too.


For more on the Europe, unicorns and global tech diffusion from Benedict and Oliver at Mosaic Ventures, read the full article here.

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