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ProcureTech100 - Our Growth pioneers

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ProcureTech100 is the definitive, global 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions.

Here we reveal a little bit about the pioneers in the Growth category.

The ProcureTech100 are pioneers. Pioneers that are inspiring and driving digital transformation. Pioneers that are customer centric, innovative, high growth and making a social impact. Pioneers that are agile and scalable, with a team dedicated to creating an impact that matters.”

The 2021 ProcureTech100 were selected from over 4,000 digital solutions from across the planet, using enriched data and analysis, combined with the collective experience of over 60 procurement leaders, technology experts and B2B investors.  Pioneers were identified across 14 different categories.

The Growth category is characterised by solutions that are leading hyper growth across customers, revenue, investment and team. There are ‘hot spots’ in marketplace, finance and category specific solutions which are primed to scale in large, growing markets. Growth solutions typically solve complex challenges with simple, elegant solutions and strong cross functional teams.

The 2021 ProcureTech100 Growth pioneering digital procurement solutions are:

The materials procurement platform for modern construction companies.

Founded: 2018                        HQ: USA                      CEO: Maria Rioumine

Agora is a materials procurement platform built for commercial trade contractors to reduce overhead costs and increase labour productivity. Its platform connects suppliers with field, office, warehouse, and accounting teams, allowing contractors to create requisitions, issue purchase orders, and track invoices and deliveries instantaneously. Agora‘s software is a crucial component in reducing the cost of construction, helping deliver critical projects that strengthen local communities faster, and solving our most urgent needs as a society – from building affordable housing to fixing our nation’s infrastructure.

Agora‘s impact on contractors has proven to drive efficiency, productivity, and profitability:

– Field teams spend on average 38% less time managing materials

– Office teams spend an average of 75% less time processing purchase orders

– Long ordering processes are reduced from an average of five business days to 24-48 hours.

Our vision is to create World’s largest Multi-Product Construction Materials brand.

Founded: 2016                        HQ: India                        CEO: Souvik Sengupta & Aaditya Sharda

Infra.Market is a Construction Solutions company that leverages technology to provide an enhanced procurement experience for all players in the construction ecosystem. We focus on Construction Products under our own private label brands. On the customer side, we aim to address concerns around pricing transparency, unreliable quality, fragmented vendor base and inefficient logistics. On the manufacturer’s side, we are ensuring higher capacity utilization, a steady demand and better customer reach. We cater to both institutional customers (B2B) and retail outlets (D2R) in the construction materials sector.

Evolving procurement.

Founded: 1999                        HQ: Norway                CEO: Terje Wibe

Mercell is a leading platform for public e-tendering, recently entering the procurement market. We now have 29,000 customers (2.400 buyers and 26.600 suppliers). Mercell‘s unique marketplace simplifies the tender and procurement process and makes it safe and easy for buyers to find relevant suppliers for their tenders and daily purchasing needs.

We also ensure suppliers find relevant business opportunities as well as tools for the suppliers to digitally receive and handle purchases from public and private buyers. Mercell delivers services to public and private buyers in 15 European countries and our aim is to become the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS)-platform for e-tendering and procurement in Europe.

Replace expense reports with unlimited virtual and physical credit cards. Control employee spending. Stop chasing receipts and automate your accounting.

Founded: 2019                        HQ: Germany              CEO: Ante Spittler

Moss is a technology-enabled expense and financial management solution. With smart corporate credit cards, digital invoice management, and automated accounting, Moss allows companies to manage all of their spending easily and transparently. And efficiently drive their core business with digital workflows. Saving up to 16 hours of time per month, Moss enables finance managers, directors, HR teams, and operational staff to reduce repetitive tasks to a few clicks. With full control and minimal effort.

Moss is intuitive and designed to meet the needs of German companies. Higher credit limits, company credit for all employees, DATEV API, and controlling features already allow maximum spending transparency and make the whole company more efficient. With total funding of more than 55 million € to date, world-renowned investors are supporting our mission to become the leading platform for financial management in Europe.

Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to manage payments, financial processes, and cash flow efficiently on the Moss platform. This will enable them to lead their business to success in a data-driven way. Our ambitious team of experienced experts, entrepreneurs, and senior advisors is well on its way to making Moss the next-generation financial solution.

Ramp is the only corporate card and spend management platform designed to help you spend less.

Founded: 2019                        HQ: USA                      CEO: Eric Glyman

Ramp is a technology company building the next generation corporate card to save businesses money. We’re redesigning how corporate spend should be managed from the ground up to save time, money, and ensure control. We provide companies higher card limits, insightful saving opportunities, automated expense management, lightning fast receipt matching, seamless accounting integration, and more.

Ramp was founded by the same team who built, scaled, and sold Paribus to Capital One, spearheading Capital One‚ push into saving technologies. Their group at Capital One enabled automated savings on online purchases, and put over $100 million back in consumers’ pockets. Ramp is committed to providing that same value and savings to businesses. We are backed by Founders Fund, Coatue, and Box Group, in addition to an exceptional collective of more than 50 founders of leading companies (representing over $100B in market capitalization).

SecurityScorecard is the global leader in cybersecurity ratings.

Founded: 2013                        HQ: USA                      CEO: Aleksandr Yampolskiy

SecurityScorecard is a company that develops a cybersecurity rating and continuous monitoring solution for identifying vulnerabilities from an outside-in perspective. It offers a SaaS platform that provides vendor risk management, threat reconnaissance, self-assessment, cyber insurance, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance capabilities.

The platform enables enterprises to gain operational command of the security posture of their ecosystems delivering critical data points, such as web, application security, patching cadence, network security, hacker chatter, social engineering, and leaked credentials, DNS health, endpoint security, IP reputation, and cubit score. The company serves financial, insurance, technology, retail. healthcare, government, and enterprise industries.

Vendr is on a mission to eliminate friction in the SaaS sales process. 

Founded: 2018                        HQ: USA                      CEO: Ryan Neu

Vendr is forever changing how companies buy and renew SaaS. With over $500+ million in SaaS purchases across 1,200+ suppliers, the Vendr SaaS buying platform enables the world’s fastest-growing companies to purchase SaaS, without friction and at a fair price. Headquartered in Boston with a second location in Charleston and over 130 employees, Vendr is a privately held company founded by Ryan Neu.

PayEm is a powerful, end-to-end spend management system that offers agility and control on a global level that CFOs and finance teams need, replacing siloed, legacy systems.

Founded: 2019                        HQ: Israel                    CEO: Itamar Jobani

From request to reconciliation, PayEm has you covered Subsidiary finances, vendor payments, and employee expenses all managed in one place, seamlessly integrated with your ERP. 

Platform Benefits: 

Multi-territory management PayEm’s platform was built for multinational operations.

Capture requests and invoices, create bills, schedule and send payments to anywhere in the world, in any currency, then auto-categorize and sync with your ERP.

The platform allows every subsidiary to have financial and accounting autonomy while enabling holistic processes at the global level. Streamline payments. Set rules, designate limits, and issue virtual or physical cards to make it easier to stay on track and within budget.

Accelerate payment processes from beginning to end while reducing errors and saving time with AP automation and streamlined reconciliation all fully synced with your ERP. You can also send funds to over 200 territories in 130 different currencies in just one click.

Empowered employees PayEm‘s platform automates approval flows, giving individuals and teams within global organizations the ability to manage non-payroll spend as needed while safeguarding budget. Manage T&E expenses in a snap by issuing individual employees with either physical or virtual credit cards. PayEm‘s platform also connects with HR management platforms for easy on and offboarding.

Deep ERP Integration PayEm‘s platform seamlessly integrates with top ERPs, so you’ll never have to worry about manual inputs or double data entry. From PO to reconciliation, finance teams can focus on the big picture while getting real-time visibility by subsidiary, department, team, employee, or vendor in reporting and automation. Our integrations don’t end with ERPs, PayEm‘s platform also integrates with Slack, HR and travel platforms, as well as accounting software.

World-class manufacturing. Globally competitive costs and lead times.

Founded: 2018                        HQ: India                     CEO: Amrit Acharya

ZETWERK is a universal manufacturing network powered by new-age technology. It is transforming the world of traditional manufacturing by helping customers reduce costs, optimize suppliers and execute production faster.

ZETWERK is a partner to leading players in precision parts, capital goods and consumer goods categories, offering a full spectrum of manufacturing services – from custom-made components to mass production, from quality certification to inventory and supply chain management. With a virtually unlimited range of production capacities and capabilities, ZETWERK is a universal factory for high quality production, globally competitive costs and best-in-class lead times – whatever the category, product, scale or geography.

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