How procurement can change the world!

How procurement can change the world!

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An evening supercharging the digital future of procurement!

ProcureTech and Kearney recently hosted the Procuretech Founders’ Circle event in the heart of London. 

Digitalisation is supercharging procurement, enterprises and their suppliers to deliver innovation, growth, resilience and new sources of value. At the epicentre of this ecosystem are digital procurement solutions. 

We were delighted to welcome many faces from leading corporations, Venture Capital firms and UK based CEOs and founders of innovative digital companies shaping the future of procurement.

ProcureTech’s CEO, Lance Younger, and Dr Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney, discussed how to access and scale procurement digitalisation, increase the rate of innovation adoption and to build digital procurement software companies and partnerships.

With so much creative energy and intellectual capital at the event, innovation was quickly at the centre of the discussions as a critical enabler for the digitalisation of procurement:

“we need to innovate or become obsolete” 
“innovate to create fundamentally different supply chains” 
“the significant challenges in procurement will be solved through innovation” 
“innovate as procurement is a key competitive advantage” 
“innovation is imperative as the rate of change is significant”
“super excited about open innovation” 
“innovation enables us to change together on a grand scale” 

Digital procurement partnerships were seen as being fundamental:

“its all about collaborative relationships that are future proof”
“need to have a deep-rooted care about the problem that you are solving together”
“solution providers and customers collaborating together on combined new solutions” 
“an ecosystem of partnerships is better than doing it alone… that’s when it comes alive” 

Inspired by the leaders at the session, there will be more collaborations and Procuretech Founders’ Circles across the UK, Europe and the US.

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