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ProcureTech100 - Our Procurement Process & Performance pioneers

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ProcureTech100 is the definitive, global 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions.

Here we reveal a little bit about the pioneers in the Procurement Process & Performance category.

The ProcureTech100 are pioneers. Pioneers that are inspiring and driving digital transformation. Pioneers that are customer centric, innovative, high growth and making a social impact. Pioneers that are agile and scalable, with a team dedicated to creating an impact that matters.”

The 2021 ProcureTech100 were selected from over 4,000 digital solutions from across the planet, using enriched data and analysis, combined with the collective experience of over 60 procurement leaders, technology experts and B2B investors. Pioneers were identified across 14 different categories.

The Procurement Process and Performance category is defined by the utilisation of embedded blockchain solutions which integrate with the use of RPA and intelligent automation to better facilitate the management of tasks in the name of efficiency and improvement. The is also an uptrend in collaborative networks as well as the use of chat bots to improve response accuracy and time.

The 2021 ProcureTech100 Procurement Process & Performance category solutions are:

BRYTER is the no-code service automation platform that enables business experts to build digital applications.

Founded: 2018                        HQ: USA                                  CEO: Michael Grupp

BRYTER is the leading no-code platform to automate expert knowledge. The platform’s intuitive toolbox enables professionals to build, manage and sell interactive applications, without the need for programming skills.

BRYTER helps consulting firms, banks, corporates, and public administration across the globe to digitize and scale their services. BRYTER is especially geared towards experts in law, finance, tax and compliance working with complex, conditional and scenario-based content who want to automate recurring and standardizable decision-making processes.

The global leader in execution management.

Founded: 2011            HQ: Germany               CEO: Bastian Nominacher & Alexander Rinke

Celonis is the leader in Execution Management Systems (EMS) that lifts barriers to execution capacity to maximize business performance.

Celonis believes that every company can unlock its full execution capacity. Powered by its market-leading process mining core, the Celonis Execution Management System provides a set of applications, and developer studio and platform capabilities for business executives and users to eliminate billions in corporate inefficiencies.

enabling enterprise commerce.

Founded: 2002                        HQ: USA                      CEO: Jim Barnes

enVista is a global software and consulting services provider, optimizing and transforming physical and digital commerce for the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors and omnichannel retailers. enVista uniquely optimizes and transforms physical and digital commerce – optimizing supply chain efficiencies to drive cost savings, and unifying commerce to drive customer engagement and revenue.

These comprehensive capabilities, combined with enVista’s market-leading Unified Commerce Platform, Enspire Commerce and the firm’s ability to consult, implement and operate across supply chain, transportation, IT, enterprise business solutions and omnichannel commerce, allows mid-market and Fortune 100/5000 companies to leverage enVista as a trusted advisor across their enterprises. Consulting and solutions delivery are in our DNA.

Your Procurement Performance Accelerator.

Founded: 2012                        HQ: France                  CEO: Pierre Laprée

Per Angusta is a cloud-based solution for Procurement Performance Management. Per Angusta’s solution provides increased visibility into the strategic sourcing process, enabling better collaboration and transparency. Per Angusta truly uplevels the value of procurement teams by tracking savings, bridging the gap between purchasing and finance, and aligning stakeholder goals and progress.

Representing businesses of all sizes in the public and private sectors, Per Angusta enables procurement teams to be more agile and productive. Enhanced visibility into team performance and improved reporting lets teams focus on the strategic side of procurement, creating value and innovation for their stakeholders. Combining flexibility and an intuitive user experience with immediate and significant ROI, Per Angusta is the optimal procurement ecosystem.

Zip is the world’s leading intake-to-procure solution: one place for employees to initiate a purchase or vendor request.

Founded: 2020                        HQ: USA                      CEO: Rujul Zaparde

Zip provides one place for any employee to initiate a purchase or vendor request.

Each request is correctly routed for approval across procurement, finance, IT, data security, legal, and other teams, and Zip integrates into all major ERP and P2P solutions to create a PR or draft PO. We work with Canva, Checkr, Hopin, Zapier, CM Group, and many other companies, both public and private.

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