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ProcureTech100 - Our Supply Chain pioneers

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ProcureTech100 is the definitive, global 100 pioneering digital procurement solutions.

Here we reveal a little bit about the pioneers in the Supply Chain category.

The ProcureTech100 are pioneers. Pioneers that are inspiring and driving digital transformation. Pioneers that are customer centric, innovative, high growth and making a social impact. Pioneers that are agile and scalable, with a team dedicated to creating an impact that matters.”

The 2021 ProcureTech100 were selected from over 4,000 digital solutions from across the planet, using enriched data and analysis, combined with the collective experience of over 60 procurement leaders, technology experts and B2B investors.  Pioneers were identified across 14 different categories.

The Supply Chain category is defined by RPA and intelligent automation in conjunction with embedded blockchain solutions which can utilise intelligent chat bots and similar interfaces to help manage the sourcing process.

The 2021 ProcureTech100 Supply Chain pioneering digital procurement solutions are:

Anvyl brings supply chains together on the #1 SCRM. Sharing news, tips, and strategies for a more resilient supply chain

Founded: 2017             HQ: USA                      CEO: Rodney Manzo

At Anvyl, we believe that a fully digital and transparent supply chain is as important to a brand’s success as the business model itself. Anvyl is a supply chain relationship management (SCRM) platform that allows companies to oversee production, streamline collaboration between teams, and automate manual tasks.

Our production hub houses historical supply chain data, integrates with most ERPs, and offers collaboration across both internal and external counterparts. End-to-end, Anvyl provides greater visibility into their supply chains, helping companies achieve operational efficiencies, cut costs, and lower risk in an agile supply chain. The cloud-based software lets users work from anywhere in the world, and customers are up and running within 24 hours. We are a global operation with teams in New York and China.

The world’s most advanced SaaS suite for industrial product management. 

Founded: 2018             HQ: Germany                     CEO: Neil Dsouza

We are a software and data technology company, as well as a pioneer in Product Intelligence. Our award-winning platform is the only cloud-based platform combining data aggregation and live applications for agile product life cycle management. We help manufacturing companies manage product data across their business and support decision-making through integrated views of a product’s financial and non-financial performance metrics. 

Makersite uses artificial intelligence and graph technology to build digital twins of manufactured products. This way, engineers and product teams can develop more compliant, safer, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products faster, and get results up to 40x faster than traditional methods.

Protect your revenue. Protect your cash flow. Protect your supply chain.

Founded: 2013             HQ: USA              CEO: Tom Kieley

SourceDay’s platform provides a digital interface between a manufacturer’s ERP system and hundreds of suppliers, automatically updating changes to delivery dates, pricing, and quantities throughout the order lifecycle and across the supply chain.

Replacing manual processes with software improves our customers’ understanding of the many changes that occur throughout the lifecycle of an order. Procurement teams stop spending their time on fire drills and reacting to expensive surprises. Now they have time to manage suppliers more strategically, proactively addressing pricing and quality issues and ensuring their factories receive the materials they need to meet customer commitments on time.

SourceDay is proud of the huge difference we are making in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Our business has experienced incredible growth since the company was founded in 2013. We doubled in 2018, and we continue to grow like crazy. We hire team members with the energy and passion to disrupt industries while becoming thought leaders themselves who bring unique talents and skills that benefit our company. We owe it all to our employees, so we take care of the ones who got us here.

Supplyframe is the leading provider of Design-Source-Intelligence for the global electronics value chain.

Founded: 2003             HQ: USA              CEO: Steve Flagg

Supplyframe is the leading Design-to-Source Intelligence platform for the global electronics value chain, with solutions that interpret billions of intent, demand, supply and risk signals to deliver insights through the design-to-market product lifecycle. A community of over 10 million engineering and supply chain professionals engage with our search, media, and SaaS solutions to optimize in excess of $120 billion in annual direct materials spend. Supplyframe is headquartered in Pasadena, California, with offices around the world.

We help importers & exporters understand the global market of food & agriculture and help them trade more easily.

Founded: 2015             HQ: South Korea          CEO: Hoshik Shin

Tridge is a company that provides a trading platform intended to connect buyers. Its platform provides an extensive analysis of the global market trend, creating opportunities to uncover new trade items and engage with credible suppliers. The company enables suppliers to identify opportunities with buyers from regions and seize opportunities to monetize their networks and intelligence of the local market.

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