Tactical to strategic partner: The future CPO

Tactical to strategic partner - The Future CPO

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Whilst Raconteur’s recent Sunday Times Report focuses on the CFO, the parallels between the CFO and CPO are significant.

Not only are they both focused on many of the same corporate goals, but their skills both go beyond core functional needs into broader leadership and business acumen.

“CFOs can help upskill all colleagues to become data-led decision makers”
Mohit Daswani, CFO at ThoughtSpot

Together, data, technology and analytics are increasing the skills of CFOs CPOs, turning them into a ‘Chief Collaboration Officer’ to accelerate their business, plan and build the road for long-term success.

“Over the last five years, [the CFO/CPO’s role] has gone from tactical financial manager to strategic partner to the CEO”
Mike Beach, CFO of Chargebee

CFOs CPOs are prioritising collaboration across the business; 39% of CFOs CPOs revealed they are automating processes using intelligent systems. By using AI, data, machine intelligence and more technology, they can make better informed strategic decisions.

“Data is power”
Mohit Daswani, CFO of ThoughtSpot

CFOs CPOs roles are becoming diverse, where collaboration is encouraged across all levels and in the C-Suite. Moreover, CFOs CPOs are aware of trends and processes which can modernise business and help them focus on high impact initiatives, further driving digital transformations.

“The CFO is a strong, central role. It is critical in both stabilising and accelerating the business”
Thomas Seifert, CFO at Cloudfare

It is clear CPOs and CFOs share many similarities and as the world becomes more complex, demanding more of them, both will have to continue to rise to the challenge.

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