The 10 pieces of tech inspiring the ProcureTechSTARS

The 10 pieces of tech inspiring the ProcureTechSTARS

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At ProcureTech, we love Procurement and we love Technology. 

But what technology do the ProcureTechSTARS love? 

Earlier in the year, we asked a few more of the ProcureTechSTARS about their favourite bits of tech. In this end of year round up, we unpick some classic goodies, plus a few surprises thrown in as we get to understand a little more about the minds behind the growing, innovative solutions. 

1. Notion 
Tai Alegbe, CEO and Co-founder, 

“I think it’s great application. It’s a really good place to collect my thoughts and understand other people’s thoughts as well. It’s a good, flexible communication tool that it does what I need it to.” 

Drasko Jelavic, CEO and Founder, Cirtuo 

I have to admit, I like LinkedIn a lot, I’m an avid user. I had my doubts when Microsoft took over, but they improved it and I’m enjoying it.” 

3. Lightroom and Instagram 
Omer Abdullah, Co-founder, The Smart Cube 

I like photography and use Lightroom from a video and photo editing perspective. I also like Instagram (follow me – @theomzproject and @omerisms) and think it’s great. It’s so interesting and goes just beyond photos.” 

4. Slack 
Tim Grunow, Managing Director and Co-founder, Archlet 

“I use Slack on a daily basis. It’s great.” 

5. Navionics 
Martin Rand, CEO and Co-founder, Pactum 

“I love sailing, so my favourite app is Navionics. The world is so complex with the wind, deviations and definitions like drift, weight and balance. Navionics just crunches through the data and provides you with a line where to go. Easy and simple: I think this is what technology is made for!” 

6. Spotify
Julian Harris, CEO and Co-founder, Robobai 

Spotify, because that’s where I listen to a lot of podcasts and music, and both are available on one platform.” 

7. Oura Ring

Brandon Card, CEO and Co-founder, Terzo 

“I love it! I got it in February 2020 and have got data from it for over 2 years now. It’s an incredible piece of technology that tracks my sleep and helps optimise my health. It also helps me see how my body responds to different things, like drinking alcohol before bed or having a late meal; the everyday insights are amazing and I really enjoy tracking my sleep cycles and heart rate throughout the day, those kinds of things.” 

8. Fitbit watch
Eric Pritchett, COO, Terzo 

“I like the fitbit watch which helps track some of my habits.” 

9. Uber 
Lars Kuch Pedersen, CEO and Founder, LeanLinking 

“You might laugh, but in Denmark, we don’t have Uber. I use it every time I go abroad, and it’s annoying not having it in Denmark.” 

10. Video Conferencing apps (Zoom, Teams) 

Matthias Toepert, COO, LeanLinking 

“I would say video conferencing apps. I know it’s probably an uninspiring choice, but there are very few things in the world that did so much good as these kinds of technology. They allowed to see my kid, Yannick, who is four years old now, growing up; without Zoom and Teams and others, I would have to have spent a lot more time in hotels, conference rooms, and on the road. Now I can play Lego with my kid instead.” 

Take a look at more of the books that inspire them too!

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