The minds behind digital procurement solutions shaping the future of procurement

The minds behind digital procurement solutions shaping the future of procurement

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ProcureTech and Kearney hosted the Procuretech Founders’ Circle, with leading corporates, investors and UK-based CEOs and founders of innovative digital companies. 

Some of the founders spared a few moments to share their thoughts on some key questions surrounding the future of digital procurement, partnerships and their personal takeaways from the event. 

What are the key elements of a successful digital procurement partnership? 
“There are a lot of opportunities to work together and collaborate. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s got the full solution… There are solutions out there that can really benefit one another and they can achieve a lot more by working together.” 
Tim Ward, CEO and founder, OPPORTUNI 
“Time : Value – How quickly can you generate value for your partner? And how can that be mutually beneficial?” 
Alex Grundy, CEO and co-founder, Spendkey 
Why is innovation so important for digital procurement? 
“Procurement can be a key competitive advantage and if you want to be successful in competing against top competitors, then you’ve got to be innovative and stay a step ahead. You’ve got to find solutions that are more efficient and allow you to be more agile and solve problems that your competitors are still struggling with.” 
Alan Holland, CEO and founder, Keelvar 
“It’s probably the only thing in large corporates that can have a real, impactful change around carbon emissions. Procurement is the only department that can really encourage corporates to drive down these emissions.” 
Rupert Schneider, co-founder, Gardenia Technologies 
What have been your key takeaways from the event? 
“The willingness for large corporates to engage with small suppliers has been quite eye-opening… it’s something they don’t do! It’s a bit surprising. I thought these kinds of workshops and collaborations should and would happen more frequently.” 
Nick Drewe, COO and co-founder, Market Dojo 
“Corporates are just as overwhelmed by the enormity of the problem areas in procurement and the opportunity. As a startup you’re often quite focused on your particular area, but then there’s an ‘enormity of people’ that you could be helping – and the reverse is there for a corporate!” 
Natasha Foster, COO and co-founder, Paid 

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