The solutions that continue to drive sustainable change in procurement

The solutions that continue to drive sustainable change in procurement

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CDTM’s Climate Club and 6 of Germany’s leading VCs (ActonAnanda Impact VenturesPlanet APlug and PlaySpeedinvest and UVC Partners) joined forces  to create their 2022 Sustainability Landscape.

Covering 7 investment categories, it shows the relation between invested capital and CO2 impact of the category.

We take a look at how Remediation, which includes solutions like EcoVadis and Circulor from the 2022 ProcureTech100, where they seek to reduce and offset carbon emissions.


CDTM describes the segment;

‘Remediation efforts touch upon all other industries and origins of carbon emissions, because the focus is on reducing, offsetting or sequestering emissions. For example, reforestation or regenerative agriculture projects offer the potential for carbon credits, sequestered carbon can be used in the building industry etc. These innovations and the companies pursuing them could therefore have an industry-spanning impact.’

Some more of the categories in the Sustainability Landscape 2022:

  • Food, Agriculture & Forestry
  • Mobility & Transport
  • Energy
  • Water & Waste
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing & Industry

Remediation encompasses the following key themes, where it seeks to focus on continuing to improve industries and their impact on carbon emissions:

  • Carbon Data Management Tools
  • Automated offsets
  • Carbon sequestration and direct air capture
  • Regenerative economic systems

As mentioned earlier, the Landscape recognises Sustainable Procurement, Supply Chain and Growth pioneers like EcoVadis and Circulor. Similar findings can also be explored in the ProcureTech Ecosystem Map, created in partnership with The Sustainable Procurement Pledge, which identifies over 240 solutions driving sustainability in procurement.

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