Which tech inspires the ProcureTechSTARS?

Which tech inspires the ProcureTechSTARS?

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Technology provides a foundation for all companies, no matter their size.

From Slack and LinkedIn, to Apple, Spotify and Headspace, the ProcureTechSTARS reveal the pieces of tech they use every day.

Our conversations with the CEOs and Founders of digital procurement solutions have unveiled some personal and inspiring ways of how they have got to where they are, along with the help of their teams, and what they have learned along the way.

The staple pieces of technology they use every day – which ones do you use?

1. Apple – The most popular of the ProcureTechSTARS!

Nina Vellayan (Xeeva), Natasha Foster (Paid), Lubomila Jordanova (Plan A) and Doug Johnson-Poensgen (Circulor)

“I prefer the Apple ecosystem which just blooming works, it’s an inspiration.”
Doug Johnson-Poensgen, CEO and co-founder of Circulor
2. Headspace and Insight

A great way for meditating and taking a break for Rajesh Kalidindi, CEO and founder of LevaData

3. Thermomix

A purchase by Simfoni’s CEO David Bush’s wife (and partner in crime), making meal prep much easier

4. Seven

A handy app for Fred Laluyaux, CEO and founder of Aera Technology, for working out in 7 minutes whilst travelling

5. Deutsche Bahn

A travel must for Christian Henrich, CEO and founder of carbmee

9. Shazam

Also Spotify fans, Costas Xyloyiannis, CEO and co-founder of HICX, and Heiko Schwarz, CEO and founder of riskmethods admit their love of music and wanting to know who the artist is.

“I love music, and I hate to listen if I don’t know who the artist is!”
Heiko Schwarz, CEO and founder of riskmethods
10. HoloLens

Mixed reality technology for business choice by Vel Dhinagaravel, CEO and founder of Beroe Inc

12. Raspberry Pi

A lockdown discovery by Per Angusta’s CEO and founder, Pierre Laprée

13. Lumen

An easy to use metabolic tracker is Tom Hosam’s favourite, CEO at Paid

15. Duolingo

A language favourite for scoutbee’s CEO and co-founder, Gregor Stühler

I think it’s a good way to use time breaks very efficiently while learning a new language, and somewhat also helps you to shift the mind to a completely unrelated topic for the very moment to refresh the mind. I really enjoy it – I’m currently learning Spanish and Italian!
16. MindManager

Jesse Lee, CEO and founder of Brooklyn Vendor Assurance, likes to make mind maps, which also helps him think

17. Wikipedia

Curious information seeker Pierre-François Thaler, co-CEO and co-founder of EcoVadis likes this piece of tech

19. Uber

A handy tool to use when stuck in Mexico City for Rujul Zaparde, CEO and co-founder of Zip!

20. HubSpot

Also a business favourite of Malin Schmidt, CEO and founder of Kodiak Hub

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