Will digital transformation promote Indonesia to a top-10 economic powerhouse?

Will digital transformation promote Indonesia to a top-10 economic powerhouse?

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Digital transformation is changing companies, shaping industries and making manual tasks much easier for teams. 

Kearney looks at how Indonesia aims to improve its industry competitiveness and learn from China, with an emphasis on accelerating its need for digital. 

Digital transformation goes beyond economic – it’s a national economic development. Indonesia aims to be ‘the world’s 5th to 7th largest economy by 2045’, but to do so requires significant investment, development and revitalisation. 

Kearney compares Indonesia’s digital transformation to China’s, which continues to experience major growth with strong investment in tech giants and startups. Indonesia has the potential: it just needs to investment to achieve great things and move towards its goal of being one of the largest economies in the world. 

Investment in broadband has provided a significant economic advantage for China, by covering 98% of rural villages in 2020, forming a development cycle for individuals and companies to reach others and connect with the world. China seeks to continue its investment in 5G broadband penetration, where it reached 30% of rural areas in 2021, aiming to reach 57% by 2025. Following a similar development cycle would help Indonesia develop its digital economy and digital transformation success rates. 

How can Indonesia achieve the same level of success as China? 
  • Investment in digital and tech start ups 
  • Aim for a positive Digital ecosystem – this strengthens institutions and encourages more successful digital transformations 
  • R&D funding 
  • Leverage foreign-educated talent: an interconnected world enables countries to access skilled individuals 
  • Think long-term to see the benefits for a better future 

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