Solution-specific & Corporate  ACCELERATORs

Each of our corporate partners have defined the areas of digital procurement most relevant to them. For each challenge, mentors, pilot funding and resource is allocated to find the latest digital solutions.

We are also working with solutions to help solve common challenges that corporates are experiencing.

Apply to the challenges below for a chance to pitch, pilot and partner with our corporate and solution partners.

Solution-specific ACCELERATORs

Smart Procurement Workflows

Is your procurement team currently constrained by complex and slow workflow processes?

Advanced Analytics

Managing daily reporting and data management demands doesn’t need to be difficult.

Autonomous Negotiations

Join us in co-creating an innovative digital solution to streamline supplier negotiations and enhance strategic decision making

Corporate Challenges


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New challenges

We’re always accepting new challenges from corporate teams.

If you’d like to submit a challenge and join this or the next ProcureTech ACCELERATOR programme,
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