BME International - Symposium Purchasing and Logistics digital event 8-10 November

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Procurement professionals need to manage the balancing act between the pressing day-to-day business while simultaneously preparing their organisations to meet future challenges.

Under the motto #newhorizons, the largest event for purchasing, supply chain management and logistics will take place digitally from 8 – 10 November 2021

How can you future-proof your organization? How can you tackle future success – via innovation, sustainability, hybrid working, strategy work, and organizational transformation?

#newhorizons focusses on the future. This event puts new tasks for organizations and procurement at the heart of the discussion. As a builder of the future, facilitator of innovation, driver of sustainability driver, and expert of markets, procurement will enable future growth.


This year’s program
  • Markets & Political Impacts: Global developments, trade barriers, prices & availability, sourcing markets, supply, German & EU-regulations
  • Sourcing & Logistics: Optimising costs & performance, securing supply, the future of global supply Chains
  • Sustainability: CO2-Footprint, ethical & social goals, best practices, innovation scouting & sourcing, required competencies
  • Managing Risks: Adaptive supply chains, insolvencies, n-tier-analysis, S&OP, forecasting, scenarios, tools
  • Supply Networks: Collaboration, ecosystems, contract design
  • Tools & Digitalisation: Next Level RPA & AI, Forecasts & Analytics, Use Cases
  • Next Generation Procurement: Future strategies, leadership, talent & skills, hybrid working, agile organisation

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