Visagio - Achieving clean master Data in the era of Digital Transformation
5 April

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The accelerating pace of operations and, with it, the serial disruptions to supply chains are driving companies in engineering-heavy sectors, from O&G and mining to transport and manufacture, to increase productivity and efficiency in their operations.

However, those efforts are frequently held back by a lack of good quality materials master data.

Moreover, bad materials master data directly leads to higher costs – procurement, inventory and obsolescence – and to lost productivity.

Historically, companies have struggled to clean their materials databases as the process to do so was very manual and laborious. However, new techniques and solutions are overcoming the issues, quickly producing and sustainably maintaining cleansed materials databases.

What to expect from this event

– Learn what the direct and indirect consequences of bad materials master data are;

– Learn how a systematic approach, equipped with modern digital technology, resolves the issue;

– Learn from the experience of other companies like your who have successfully implemented that approach, and the results that they achieved.

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