Archlet - Shifting CPO priorities and the accelerated digitalization of Procurement 2 September

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CPO priorities are changing and technology is the answer – although this isn’t always as straight forward. 

Archlet’s webinar brings together a great panel of Procurement experts to discuss their perspectives on the matter.

We hear from all sides that CPO priorities are changing and especially the last 18 months have accelerated this development. And technology is the only way to solve it. But is this really what happened? It’s sometimes hard to tell truth from fiction.

Things don’t seem to be quite so straight-forward. Archlet brings together a panel of practitioners with a refreshing perspective on CPO priorities and the role of technology in Procurement based on their daily challenges and observations.

What can I expect from this webinar?
  • What the real priorities of modern CPOs are
  • How priorities have changed over the years and especially the last 18 months
  • How agility helps with solving challenges and unlocking new opportunities
  • The role of technology in weathering storms and driving efficiency.
Who is on the panel?

The session will provide plenty of opportunities to ask questions and gain insights from the panel.

Sign up to the webinar here.

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