Are these KPIs in your digital transformation toolkit?
6 June

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Companies are shifting their focus to profitable growth in a challenging macro-environment.

CFOs and CPOs must work together to maximise the value of every dollar their business spends. 

How can companies achieve operating efficiency with ineffective processes that lead to delays in decision-making?

Success will be defined by the ability to quickly address supply chain issues, mitigate inflation, comply with ESG and other regulations, and mitigate various risks. Join a C-Suite driven conversation aimed directly at accelerating performance and unlocking the value of digital transformation initiatives.

This webinar will help you understand:

  • How investment in processes and technology for spend management can deliver 6%+ savings on every dollar that you spend—even in a challenging environment
  • The operational KPIs needed to understand if you’re maximizing the full potential of BSM
  • What changes to people, processes, and technology may be needed to advance maturity and capture more value
  • How championing digital transformation can lead to identifying opportunities to promote change

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