Big Ideas Summit London 2022
16 March

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Make a difference 

The future is for sale!

Will you contribute to better working conditions or modern slavery? Will you invest in greener solutions or continue on your present journey?

As a procurement leader of the future, it’s up to you. But in light of the new standards forged by shareholders, consumers, employees, your children and you – a renewed (and more urgent) sense of responsibility begs several questions:

Can you yourself buy a better world? 

How much power do you really have? 

And what legacy will you leave through your actions in procurement?

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got a dazzling array of exciting experts to answer all of your questions at the 2022 BIG IDEAS Summit.

Hear from global business leaders and subject matter experts. Learn precisely what future is on the market and how you can secure it.

Join Procurious for career-shaping conversations, exceptional networking, and a chance to begin making the impact you’ve always dreamt about.

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