BT Sourced - Dare to Discover: Pushing the Digital Frontier panel
30 September

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BT Sourced presents its virtual Dare to Discover series.

‘Pushing the Digital Frontier’ panel features notable industry speakers to discuss what will drive the next digital revolution in Procurement.


This super-slick interactive experience enables you to immerse yourself in opportunities to see keynote speakers, panel discussions and some special guests from different industries.


Which topics will be discussed?
  • Introducing BT Sourced
  • Future of Procurement
  • Evolution of the Operating Model
  • Big Bets for Innovation
  • Pushing the Digital Frontier


Who will be there?
  • Dr Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney
  • Adam Brown, Head of Digital Garage at BT Sourced
  • Natasha Foster, COO and Founder of Paid
  • Kevin Frechette, CEO and Founder of Fairmarkit
  • Phil Ideson, Founder of Art of Procurement
  • Cyril Pourrat, CPO at BT Sourced
  • … and many more!


Sign up to the event here.

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