The Climate Choice - Schneider Electric's Path to Climate Transparency in the Supply Chain

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To meet their climate targets, global corporations must reduce CO2 from their supply chain in particular, which can account for up to 90% of their total emissions.

The problem: they cannot reduce these Scope 3 emissions themselves, but instead have to enable their suppliers to do so.

This collaboration requires, above all, holistic data on the climate performance of suppliers, which does not yet exist.

How does a global enterprise such as Schneider Electric deal with this challenge?

At the CHOICE Event #47, Kanishk Negi, Sustainable Procurement Director at Schneider Electric, will answer this question and provide exclusive insights into his work to achieve supply chain transparency at the international specialist in energy management and automation.

Among other things, he will address questions such as:

– What concrete steps has Schneider Electric taken to obtain climate relevant data from its
– What challenges and obstacles have arisen along the way?
– How were these obstacles overcome and what best practices emerge from this?

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