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CO2 - The new currency in Procurement negotiations 14 Dec

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Our planet’s welfare is at stake and in decline.

How can suppliers be incentivised to reduce their CO2 footprint?

The fight against climate change is probably the biggest global challenge of the 21st century – inevitably it will also affect the way Procurement organisations think and act. CO2 has already become a currency on its own – there are almost no major businesses that don’t yet have targets to reduce emissions throughout their supply chain.

But what are the first steps in implementing these strategies? How do you even measure your suppliers’ carbon footprint? What are best practices for achieving savings and improving quality, while also reducing the carbon footprint of your supply chain? Managing all of these factors while minimising trade-offs can be a complicated challenge.

Join carbmee and TWS Partners‘ decarbonisation webinar to learn more about how to:
– measure your suppliers’ carbon footprint
– manage the trade-off between cost and carbon reductions
– incentivise your suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint

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