Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council - Collaboration and Innovation for GHG Reduction
21 September

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Join this virtual deep dive focused on the central role of deep collaboration and pathfinding innovation in driving greenhouse gas reductions in our supply chains!

A down-to-earth discussion of best practices and collaboration strategies that go beyond show-and-tell to detailed insights on the challenges and victories of those involved in building the infrastructure and executing the work to drive real GHG reductions. 

  • Catch up on breaking news on the Federal government’s supply chain climate action with Betty Cremmins, Director for Sustainable Supply Chains for the White House Council on Environmental Quality.
  • Learn more about CDP’s Supply Chain reporting initiatives and opportunities with Dexter Galvin, CDP’s Global Director, Corporates and Supply Chains.
  • Hear from Natasha Schwarzbach, Director, Global Sustainability, Procurement for PepsiCo about the efforts they are driving through their massive supply chain to understand and reduce emissions at scale.
  • Learn from Garry Cooper, CEO of circularity platform provider Rheaply, about the critical link between reducing consumption and waste and eliminating climate impacts.

Keynote Speakers Renee Lertzman PhD., Strategic Sustainability Consultant & Founder at Project InsideOut, and Tim Mohin, Chief Sustainability Officer at Persefoni AI, will frame up the ways procurement and sourcing can lead the way to the communication, collaboration, and innovation necessary to get this world-changing work done.

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