riskmethods - Current Sanctions and their potential impact on your Supply Chains
8 March

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Global supply chains are already highly strained.

Yet the tightening sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine could make the situation worse.

This is why it is critical for you to know who is on the sanctions lists, and whether this affects your organization and business operations.

riskmethods welcome Klaus John, Managing Director of ECC-European Compliance Company, an expert on sanctions monitoring, to provide an overview on:

  • What are sanctions?
  • What are consequences of breaches?
  • How do current sanctions against Russia affect organizations?
  • What are the challenges for organizations and what needs to be considered?
  • What solutions and ways can organizations protect themselves?

Klaus John – Managing Director of ECC-European Compliance Company

Birgit Müller – Vice President of Marketing, riskmethods

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