SecurityScorecard webinar - Cybersecurity lessons from the Global Shipping Industry
18 January

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Everyone experienced supply chain disruptions in the past year.

Your Amazon order arrived days late. Furniture is still back-ordered for your new home. 

This is just on a personal scale — on a global scale, we’ve seen both physical and digital supply chains falling down. 2021 alone began with SolarWinds and we saw an overall increase in threats to our digital wellness as companies, governments, and consumers.

This includes the global shipping industry. Exposed ships and targeted port systems aren’t the only things worrying the global shipping industry — elevated cyberattacks are one more thing keeping the shipping container industry up at night. SecurityScorecard‘s research team conducted a comparative analysis of 100 global shipping container companies to Forbes Global 2000 companies. International shipping accounts for 90 percent of world trade and the analysis reveals that international waterways pose imminent cyber threats to national security.

Join SecurityScorecard‘s research team for a discussion on what security professionals can learn from the shipping container industry as we go into the new year.


Scott Bekker – ActualTech Media

Kassandra Madulka – Senior Data Scientist, SecurityScorecard

Matthew Ancelin – Director Sales Engineering, SecurityScorecard

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