Beroe and Digitate - De-risk Procurement with the right mix of transactional and market intelligence
16 February

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In today’s business environment, the risk of spend leakage, disruption, non-compliance, and fraud is keeping enterprise procurement and finance teams on their toes.

With large sums of money, functional agility, and corporate reputation at stake, procurement managers need the right intelligence so they can make smarter sourcing decisions.

Procurement teams need to be on top of external factors that are constantly evolving, such as commodity prices, supplier capacities, and supply chain constraints. Meanwhile, they must keep a close watch on transactions, spending, consumption, and demand patterns internally. Organizations that blend external market intelligence with internal enterprise intelligence are creating a competitive edge for themselves by spending more strategically, slashing waste and fraud, and pivoting more nimbly.

What will I learn in this session?

• Deriving insights from transactional data.

• Blending transactional and market intelligence data to get actionable insights and recommendations.

• The best external parameters to qualify suppliers.

• How category and commodity insights drive a more effective and secure sourcing process.

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