Deep Learning World and Predictive Analytics world for industry 4.0
5-6 October, Berlin

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2 events covering Machine Learning, Big Data, Deep Learning and AI.

Take AI out of the lab and put it in production!

Once it was just a buzzword, but Industry 4.0 has become reality: smart factories are filled with smart devices, smart tools, and smart robots. Not only the manufacturing sector is transformed by digitalization and datafication, but there is also Logistics 4.0, Energy 4.0, Mobility 4.0 and more.

At the core of this technology is data and analytics, especially machine & deep learning. The corona crisis – disrupting supply chains, nixing demand forecasts and production plans, and completely changing the mobility behaviour of billions of people – showed us why predictive analytics is so important for the economy: we need to adapt faster and become more efficient. 

Deep Learning World is back on stage! After two years of virtual conferences the European AI community meets again in Berlin to present the successes of applied deep learning and the challenges with deep learning methods.

Especially during the Corona crisis neural networks proved to be a valuable tool: to detect COVID-19 on CT images or even in voice recordings; to predict the spread of the virus; to identify people not wearing masks in the crowd; or even to model the structure of proteins and thus accelerating the development of new drugs.

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