SecurityScorecard - Demystifying Cyber Insurance
24 Feb

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Cyber insurance has become an essential risk transfer mechanism for businesses of all sizes and it’s what kept many afloat during an unprecedented wave of ransomware attacks.

Despite this need, it has never been more challenging to obtain cyber insurance coverage. 

The dynamic nature of the risk means that cyber insurance requirements are changing as well, and risk management leaders need to be proactive or they face the possibility of not gaining the cyber insurance protection their business needs.

This dynamic discussion brings together SecurityScorecard, the leader in cybersecurity ratings, along with Arch Insurance to provide transparency to this complex risk transfer strategy.

What can I expect from this webinar?
  • How the cyber insurance application process has evolved given current market conditions
  • The latest recommendations and requirements for securing the best cyber insurance terms
  • How security ratings can be used to improve and maintain insurability

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