European Identity and Cloud Conference 2022
10-13 May Hybrid

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A hybrid event for everyone, looking at ways to catalyse your digital transformation journey.

Identify how and where your efficiencies are. 




Key topics
  • Identity Fabrics: Developing Your IAM Program From Vision to Strategy
  • Identity & Process Automation: Where and How to Find Efficiencies
  • Catalyzing Your Digital Transformation Journey in Providing a Seamless Access Experience to Your Customers, Partners and Employees
  • Learning From the Dark Side: How to Raise Your Cyber (Supply Chain) Resilience and Keep It up in Future
  • Multi-Cloud, Multi-Hybrid, Edge, IT/OT Integration: Reducing Complexity Is Key to Reducing Your Attack Surface Multiplier
  • Beyond Enterprise: How to Gain Advantage From Blockchain and Non-blockchain Global Identity Networks
  • Industry 4.0 & the Role of IAM in the Hyperconnected Industrial Enterprise
  • Securing Your IT Systems and Cloud Transformation Processes with Zero Trust and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  • Multifactor, Passwordless, Frictionless: How to Avoid the Risk of Losing Business at a Time of Rising Security Needs
  • Everything Identity & Privacy: Privileged Identities, Policy Based Access, Cloud IAM & CIEM, Identity Governance, Decentralized Identity

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