Brooklyn Vendor Assurance webinar - Best Practices and Economic Impacts: Evolving Supplier Management and Digitalising the Work 10 November​

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Why is Supplier Management so important? What does the Supplier Management Ops lifecycle look like?

Brooklyn Vendor Assurance welcomes Alisa Bornstein, European CPO at Visa to answers these questions it its webinar.

Organisations that rethink and optimise the way they manage their procurement, vendors and supply chains have a significant opportunity to improve their bottom line, so why wait?

Alisa Bornstein, European CPO at Visa, shares past and current experiences in evolving Supplier Management discipline and highlights what truly drives positive economic impact and strategic alignment.


What will be discussed?
  • Why Supplier Management is so important
  • What the Supplier Management Ops lifecycle looks like
  • The economic impact of using composable workflow and rulesets for automating work across your supply chain


Check out the event here.

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