Climate Week NYC - Getting to Net Zero: How tracking supply chain sustainability can help business and the environment
21 September

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Common uncertainties in a post-COVID environment have forced many companies to look at the risk that they hold specifically within their supply chains.

Circulor and Hitachi aim to reduce that risk with innovative technology that traces product inputs from the source.

With this technology, companies can not only reduce risk in the chain, but become more sustainable, leading directly to increased market value.

By tracing exactly where materials are sourced, Hitachi and Circulor help organizations to create better products for customers, meet zero carbon goals, and reduce risk. With the help of this technology, companies can enter a new realm of decision-making and product innovation.

Join Hitachi and Circulor to learn the potential benefits from improved supply chain monitoring, including:

– Auditable reporting to better meet sustainability principles, standards, and policies

– Gaining full visibility of supply volumes, from origin material to final product

– Providing a better product for informed consumers

– Building a circular economy that improves financial gain

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