HFS Digital Roundtable with Globality - Realizing the Value of Transformational Technologies 8 September

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Realizing the Value of Transformational Technologies: Your Action Plan to Make your Procurement Vision a Reality

The mandate for procurement organizations is clear. Cost reduction and spend deflation alone no longer ensures success; creating value for the enterprise is equally and increasingly more important.

Procurement needs speed, innovation, and the insights and intelligence to make this goal a reality. The result is an increase in urgency for companies to accelerate the digital transformation of sourcing and procurement capabilities to drive growth and value.

Despite the promising use cases, fewer than 5% of the emerging technologies (e.g., AI, ML, blockchain) initiatives within sourcing and procurement have scaled. Overall utilization and satisfaction around the use of transformational technologies in sourcing and procurement services continues to be minimal at best. We know that we need technology to survive and thrive, yet many are struggling to realize the anticipated benefits and potential that these technologies can provide.

Who is this event for?

With the aim of keeping this event high-level, intimate and private, the roundtable is open to enterprise buyer senior executives only, with a maximum of 18 spaces and a waitlist.

What can I expect?

-Open conversation, collaboration and exploration

-Different expert opinions



Check out the event here.

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