High Performing Digital Procurement Partnerships

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Digital procurement landscapes are transforming rapidly with new digital relationships being forged between leading corporates and innovative digital procurement solutions.

For many the introduction of new digital solutions is creating a step change in user experience, adoption and impact that matters from multi-tier risk management, to autonomous sourcing and deep supplier information management.

The High Performing Digital Procurement Partnership session takes this further still, beyond traditional relationships, and into joint ventures, investments and co-creation, where corporates and digital solutions are pushing the boundaries to create new business models and solutions to meet our current and future digital procurement needs.

We are joined by two great partnerships… Roche and LeanLinking who are developing new digital negotiation capabilities together, and Jaguar Land Rover and Circulor who are using secure blockchain technology to ensure full transparency within a sustainable supply chain. They are both very unique partnerships in their own way, and we will hear about:

– what drove the need for the partnership?
– how the partnership was formed and grew?
– what were the key enablers and critical success factors?
– what’s next on their high performance journey?

Lance Younger, CEO at ProcureTech is joined by:

Patrick Foelck, Head of Strategy & Transformation Procurement and Head of Professional Services Procurement at Roche

Lars Kuch Pedersen CEO at LeanLinking

Nathan Earland, Director, Supply Chain Strategy at Jaguar Land Rover

Douglas Johnson-Poensgen, CEO at Circulor

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