HICX and Per Angusta - How Best-of-Breed enables Strategic Transformation of Procurement 28 March

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The growth of Best-Of-Breed solutions is providing exciting new opportunities for Procurement to improve transparency, drive collaboration and become more agile.

This is heralding a new era for Procurement, putting it at the forefront of some of the biggest challenges facing organizations and calling for more cross-functional collaboration than ever before.

In this session, Pierre Laprée of Per Angusta and Costas Xyloyiannis of HICX, come together to face the most frequently asked questions fielded by Procurement practitioners on how to unlock the full potential of Best-Of-Breed technologies as part of a hybrid technology environment.

In this session
  • How (and why) the enterprise Procuretech landscape is changing
  • How new technologies will transform the role of Procurement
  • The importance of innovation and new approaches to collaboration and relationships

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