Kodiak Hub - How can SRM software boost Supply Chain Sustainability? 10 November​

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Firstly, what it SRM software?

SRM is Supplier Relationship Management software.


Procurement, sourcing and supply chain teams have increasing demands – internally and externally – on supply chain sustainability:

  • Consumers want more sustainable and quality products. 
  • Legislation is requiring more supply chain transparency and visibility.
  • And your senior Leadership wants to make sure you’re on top of these things to remain profitable, competitive and safeguard brand and shareholder value. 


The question is… Do you really have the tools at hand to manage your suppliers, build deeper supply chain transparency, and enhance sustainable development in your global supply chain?

What can I expect from this webinar?
  • Introduction from Kodiak Hub 

  • Benefits of SRM Software for Supply Chain Sustainability

  • Demonstration of best practices for driving sustainability in the supplier base with Kodiak Hub SRM solution.

  • Questions & Answers Session for Attendees


Check out the webinar here.

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