Coupa and Deloitte - How can you keep your digital procurement stack fresh?
1 December

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Getting the most out of your digital procurement stack.

How can you keep it fresh and ensure you’re getting the best value from it?

Organisations are often acquiring digital procurement solutions and all too quickly letting them become stale and outdated. This can lead to fundamental gaps in process and operating model across functions, which without review and remediation will continue to limit the benefits of integrated platforms.

During this session, Coupa and Deloitte discuss how to take a holistic view for optimising your procurement stack, including assessing existing challenges and provide practical recommendations on how to resolve them. Procurement leader, Lauren Feery, talks about Diageo’s journey of unlocking the full capability of their solutions and embedding change. 

The session is designed to be interactive so that you can take advantage of having so many other leading experts from across procurement and supply chain on the call.


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