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29-30 March

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To succeed in today’s rapidly changing global economy, businesses are radically shifting their spending and supplier strategies.

“Just in time” is being replaced by “just in case”, offshoring with nearshoring and Supplier rationalization with diversification.

Organizations that are effectively applying the right strategies quickly are gaining a significant edge over their competitors.

Building the leading Procurement Platform is a continually shifting and evolving process. As we generate new ideas and solutions, we need to break ground and build an even stronger foundation to support our transformative ideas.


Join thought leaders and procurement / supply chain leaders from the world’s most influential and successful brands.


Discover win-win strategies, their applications, and the technologies driving supplier visibility and collaboration.


Gain access to spend and supplier management 2023 releases.

  • 2 days of insightful content
  • 100% dedicated to Procurement and Supply Chain professionals
  • 750+ attendees
  • 25+ speakers
  • 20+ sessions

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