Ivalua & Procurement Leaders - The Role of Supplier Collaboration in ESG and Supply Chain Resilience 12 August

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The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of supply chain resilience and its impact on an organization’s ability to survive and thrive through times of crisis.

It has also accelerated the importance of sustainable ESG (environmental, social and governance) supply chain strategies and initiatives for many organizations.

Unsurprisingly, effective supplier collaboration is critical for success in both ESG and supply chain resilience, however, without the right technology, supplier collaboration is difficult.

What can I expect from this webinar?
  • Insights from organizations that have undergone technology transformations to enable ESG and supply chain resilience
  • What advantages and benefits are possible? How can procurement capture and communicate the value of this strategy and include stakeholders and suppliers?
  • How a prudent digital strategy supports this transformation and the solutions needed for this journey


Check out the webinar here.

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