Keelvar - Sourcing in 2022: Juggling Disruptions, Sustainability and Modernisation

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What keeps Sourcing up at night?

Procurement executives should take notice of hot topics in the Sourcing space according to Keelvar.

A recent survey of sourcing professionals presents some hot topics for contemplation as we move into 2022. Keelvar will share data from sourcing experts on their top challenges, future plans, technology usage, and greatest worries. This panel discussion will react to key reveals from the recent Keelvar survey and put the data in context with real-world experiences.

Topics covered during this 45-minute presentation and roundtable:

• What are the top challenges keeping sourcing experts “up at night”? (Spoiler alert: disruptions rank high)
• What resourcing pressures do teams feel?
• Where are we with sustainability in the sourcing function?
• What’s the state and opportunity for e-sourcing technology adoption?
• What are key predictions for sourcing in 2022?

All attendees will receive a copy of the accompanying Voices of Sourcing ebook detailing the survey findings.

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