Bid Ops - Optimal 2022
Leadership Summit for Predictive Procurement
23-24 March

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Bid Ops’ interactive in-person event comes to New York City for breakout sessions and workshops highlighting what’s happening in the world of procurement.

This event features captivating sessions covering important themes in this space.

Bid Ops‘ Optimal 2022 event features some great CPO and CFO panels, including workshops and even some awards!

CPO and CFO panels
  • Predict and stay ahead of price increases
  • Drive predictable cost savings using data
  • Align with C-Suite strategic objectives
Analytics Skill Workshops
  • Sharpen your procurement KPI reports with new techniques
  • Earn Continuing Education (CE) credits for attending Optimal
  • Get process templates for optimal supply resilience, diversity & ESG
The Opti Awards
  • Recognizing excellent CPOs, CoE leaders and Category Managers
  • Given by peer jury for Raw Materials, MRO, CapEx, Indirect Services and more
  • Elevate the role of high-performing procurement within your company
  • Dr. Elouise Epstein, Partner at Kearney
  • Joanna Martinez, Transformation Thought Leader 
  • Mark Raffan, Host and Founder of Negotiations Ninja
  • Linda Chuan, Head of Strategic Sourcing & Procurement at Box
  • Charlotte de Brabandt, ISM Thought Leadership Council
  • Jacob Gorm Larsen, Founder of Moneyball PCH
  • Scott Chepow, Global Negotiation Strategist at the GAP Partnership
Some of the companies
  • Freshly
  • SCMDojo
  • The Classification Guru
  • Moneyball CPH
  • box
  • Spend Taxonomy
  • E-Auctions
  • Future S&OP
  • Building a procurement organization for fast-growing companies, scaling food companies
  • Procurement during inflation: Gaining leverage from predictive pricing
  • Orchestrating Value Beyond Savings: Supplier Diversity, Risk and Environmental & Social Governance

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