AoP Live: How to leverage your Supply Chain to drive Procurement value

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Although most corporate conversations about data focus on quality, data utilization is also a critical concern.

Truly data-driven decision making is a rarity, and supply chains tend to be particularly behind when it comes to the use of data, especially in the predictive sense. 

In most cases, companies simply don’t know how to benefit from their data in a productive way. 95% of data never gets used, and since the useful life of data can be as short as a few days or weeks given the industry, value is being lost every day. Fortunately, new data is being created at an even faster rate; the decision to get started is ours to make.

This AOP Live session will focus on the results of the fifth annual Data Quality and Governance Study conducted by The International Association for Data Quality, Governance and Analytics (IADQGA). 

The study addresses the critical goal of improving the quality of supply chain data and governance to support data driven decision making and provide insights into procurement’s current digital readiness.

In this live Q&A format session, Joseph Yacura and Vishal Patel will answer live audience questions related to data quality and actionability:

  • How to get started on a data quality journey despite the complexity of today’s business environment
  • Best practices and rules of thumb about the lifespan of corporate data
  • What procurement should be doing differently and/or better with the system-generated data they already have access to

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