JAGGAER webinar - Maximising the Power of Contract Management

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Digitize, Integrate, Optimize: Maximizing the Power of Contract Management.

Are you maximizing the power of contract management?

Jaggaer‘s webinar looks at the importance ofleveraging contract data in supplier management, eprocurement and more.

It is no secret that contracts have gone digital. Electronic signatures are commonplace and modern tools make it easy to negotiate and edit documents virtually. With the digital revolution of spend management, procurement teams now have a plethora of data that can be used to analyze every step of your business process. If you are not taking advantage of this data, you are missing out on optimizing your spend management suite.

What can I expect from this webinar?
  • How spend management can be transformational by leveraging contracts to define a better business process, increasing employee engagement, streamlining policies and optimizing technology
  • The benefits of contract management platforms integrating with other spend management systems
  • How real customers effectively plan and digitalize their contract management solutions to build a comprehensive procurement approach.

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