MIRAKL - The 11 Essential Lessons for Launching and Scaling a Successful Enterprise Marketplace 26 August

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Panel Discussion: Fanatics, Forrester, & Toyota Material Handling Reveal the Playbook for Launching an Enterprise Marketplace.

eCommerce is on the rise, and with it, businesses across all verticals and industries are facing unfamiliar demands and challenges.

Searching for a new, competitive advantage, many have turned to the enterprise marketplace for its ability to offer anythinganytimeanywhere. In fact, last year marketplaces grew at double the rate of overall eCommerce

Businesses who are now seizing the marketplace opportunity can learn lessons from those who have successfully launched and scaled their own eCommerce business through an ecosystem of third-party sellers.

What can I expect during the session?
  • How to use an enterprise marketplace to unlock innovative growth opportunities and improve customer experience
  • The key business considerations to address, starting from concept through launch, to maximize marketplace success
  • Tips for seamlessly extending your existing channels with marketplace
  • Practical advice for powering through key decisions like curation at scale, avoiding cannibalization and ensuring your differentiation shines through


Check out the event here.

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