Prewave - Multi tier transparency: from direct suppliers to raw materials
14 December

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Various supply chain transparency laws require companies to foster a deeper understanding of their supply chain.

Recent supply chain disruptions such as the coronavirus have shown how important visibility along all tiers of the supply chain are.

A fire at a factory of a tier-3 supplier will have a large impact down the line, yet these risks mostly go unreported and OEMs go blissfully unaware of what happens in the depth of their supply chains. Reputational risk posed by indirect suppliers not adhering to human rights or pollution standards is another example of why you should know exactly what is happening in your supply chain. Don’t risk getting caught off guard.

Learn how Prewave‘s pioneering approach provides unprecedented levels of mapping for your supply chain, ensuring monitoring, control, and remedial measure-taking along all tiers.
Find out who your suppliers are at all levels and monitor exactly what risks are impacting these suppliers. 

In this webinar, Prewave discusses commodity monitoring, so your transparency doesn’t stop at the suppliers. Find out how you can evaluate the production capacity of entire raw material markets and identify supply shortages in its tracks.

Follow the wave forward.

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