New Ways Procurement Can Advance ESG Achievement
23 February

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Procurement is so much more than just driving down costs.

There is an increasing focus on how Procurement can expand its influence and success in advancing the strategic goals of the business, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) and other critical measures of non-financial performance such as risk reduction.

But how does that focus find its way to your ongoing projects and actions? Management must lead the way and give the team access to the proper insights and enabling tools to support their project work.

  • Opportunities for Procurement to gain a stronger, proactive, and collaborative position in strategic value creation
  • Common challenges where solution offerings may provide quick “wins”
  • A review of the new ways of working in SpendHQ / Per Angusta to help you spark your own ideas, illustrated by example use cases
  • Utilizing key external sources of ESG and supplier data
  • Pierre Laprée, Chief Product Officer at SpendHQ
  • Marine Iuso, Product Manager – Procurement Performance Management, SpendHQ
  • Daryl Edwards, Senior Product Manager – Spend Intelligence, SpendHQ

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