Newscape Consulting - How AI and Smart RPA are changing the provider's back office 12 August

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Most people are unaware of the function of back office, which can easily be forgotten.

Administrative tasks in a provider’s office consists of tedious paperwork – but adding AI and automation can improve overall efficiency.

Newscape Consulting‘s webinar takes you through how leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Smart RPA can infuse intelligence into providers’ systems to enhance organizational efficiency and accuracy.

Who is this for?

– Executive leaders planning and driving digital transformation using RPA and AI
– Technology leaders entrusted with automation and looking to infuse intelligence into RPA
– Operational leaders looking to improve efficiency and productivity metrics of administrative tasks
– Finance and procurement leaders looking to maximize returns from their RPA investments

What can I expect from this webinar?

– The impact of RPA on administrative work
– The importance of business value in RPA projects
– How to improve the success rate of an RPA project with AI
– How an enterprise-level view will help you maximize the ROI of your RPA bot
– Metrics that you can use for your RPA projects


Check out the webinar here.

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