ELN - Next-Gen Procurement: Risk Management, Customer Centricity & Supplier Synergies
30 August

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The beginning of a new era!

One of Next-Generation Procurement, where procurement leaders are better able to shield from risk, make procurement more customer-centric and realize greater value from procurement-supplier synergies.

Amidst an ever-changing business landscape of strict regulatory and compliance mandates, climate-related risks, and political instability; procurement leaders are adopting a proactive and predictive approach to achieve business objectives beyond cost savings and spend management. Pioneering CPOs are building a flexible and resilient supply chain by leveraging digitization, innovation, and integrating operating models based on data-driven insights. It is time procurement leadership leveraged four key drivers of value: Autonomous Software, Intelligence with Analytics, Effective Supplier Relationship Management, and Customer Centricity. 

  • Building Sustainable & Resilient Supply Chain  

  • Creating Supplier Synergies via Data-Driven Insights and Operating Models  

  • Unlocking value via Automated and Predictive Procurement Solutions 

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