Introducing Keelvar’s Next-Generation Autonomous Sourcing Bots - 16 November

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When it comes to sourcing, most of the time and attention is directed towards strategic spend, leaving tactical and tail at margin.

This webinar will spotlight a technology that could help change that.

In this webinar, Keelvar Founder & CEO, Alan Holland, explains how to achieve sourcing excellence across all of your spend categories. He’ll introduce Keelvar’s next generation of autonomous sourcing bots, and will shed light on how this technology will become an industry gamechanger for time-strapped sourcing teams.

You will also:

  • Gain exclusive insights into Keelvar‘s autonomous sourcing bots.

  • Learn where the traditional approach to sourcing falls flat.

  • Find out more about Keelvar‘s upcoming ‘Build a Bot’ workshop webinar.

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